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About Me

Senior Video Editor, Collaborator, Problem Solver
I love nothing more than creative collaboration. Where two people in the edit suite bounce ideas around, finding the true heart of the story. Being the son of two therapists, I am an awesome listener, and will often start building your ideas in the background while we discuss the edit, (or life in general). After working together, most producers are surprised to see how fast the edit came together despite all the deep conversations we had. 
Interested in working on a wide variety of pieces. Anything from fiction, to commercials, to branding, and corporate.

Previous Clients

Freelance 2018-Present

Work closely with clients to cut everything from broadcast commercials to in-house videos. Worked closely with producers, motion graphics artists and audio mixers to shepherd projects from initial concept to final online. Clients have included  - Oracle, Google Cloud, Sephora, Stanford Health, Workday, INC, Coda.IO, Guthy Renker, Kaiser Permanente, The People PAC, SAP Center

Proactiv 2005-2018

Cut national and international broadcast spots starring major celebrities as well as for Facebook, Youtube, and snapchat. My proactiv+ edit for the UK single handedly saved the business there, and got nominated for a Moxie award.

Guthy Renker 2005-2019

Cut various spots and shows to support the launch of different skincare products.

Xout 2014-2017

Edited national broadcast and online commercials starring up and coming celebrities.

Adidas 2005

Edited corporate videos for adidas focused on college football. 2005

Cut several branding spots starring famous poker players


Hollywood Video 2002-2005

Was responsible for creating the in-store advertising that was was shown in stores nationwide. Responsibilities included cutting down movie trailers, creating montages out of their library, and stringing it all together into a 30 min show. 

Game Crazy 2002-2005

Cut spots and montages of video games that were shown in stores nationwide.

National Geographic 2000-2001

Supported the lead editors on an eight part natural history series that aired on PBS. Despite being an AE, a number of my edits made it to air.

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